Saturday, 26 May 2007

Tall Tales

Tall Tales is a Dublin theatre company that actively supports and trains new writers. They have a season of lunchtime plays (I love lunchtime plays, why are there so few?) in Bewley's Cafe Theatre in Grafton Street, Dublin. These are by three new, nurtured women writers, Fireworks by Iseult Golden, TIC by Elizabeth Moynihan and Hue & Cry by Deirdre Kinahan.
To accompany this they have a two day workshop for female playwrights also at Bewley's Cafe Theatre on June 23rd and 4th which is all very worthy but, here's the catch, you can only be a 'new' playwright for Tall Tales if you are aged 18-30. What a swizz. And how blinkered is that. What is the age group of people who go to the theatre? Not 18-30, that's for sure!

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