Monday, 31 August 2009

The way they line up - poem

For TFE's challenge.

Stephen’s clutching pencils;
he studies his hand,
tilts his head,
aligns one that's slight out of kilter,
stops and stares, frozen in his own bubble.
I’m reading his report.
He climbs off the sofa,
bashes his head against the cushions,
pulls them to the floor,
stops again.
He walks through the room
ignoring talk,
eyes focused on something
that’s not a face,
stands under the centre lamp
and looks up.
Before him, the rest of life flows,
parts like a current round a rock
and joins up again beyond.


Titus said...

Good Lord. This is good. Surely you won't be emerging for long if this is 5 minutes worth!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Titus. It's pretty raw still but I'm blushing

Jessica Maybury said...

I agree with Titus! When you are emerged will you turn into something ethereally beautiful and fly away?

I was wondering where you got your graph that says how must of your novel you'd finished? It's mighty cool.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Deadly EW,surprising what can be done in 5 mins.Love the last three lines.There will be another, different, challenge for next Mon if I can cajole people into it.Thanks a million for joining in.

BT said...


NanU said...

wow, that is nice. especially the last three lines.

Niamh B said...

can't believe you did this in five minutes!! It's really great, wow

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks all, you're very kind. Anyway, don't you find you're thinking things for days and when you get to write them down, they're (kind of) already there?

Jessica Maybury said...

I do find that sometimes. You sit down and it just pours out of you as if you'd spontaneously made it up.

Dominic Rivron said...

A cool five minutes worth, that!

Like the Novel Progress widget. I think I'll pass on getting one for now, as my total so far is 800 and something :)