Sunday, 10 January 2010

Aspirations for 2010

A little way into January. I need to write these down so I can beat myself up about them later. Last year I said

  • Send out more poems, particularly to UK magazines.

I have done some and got published in Orbis and Grist. So I'll keep doing this.

Maybe I'll look at US magazines. Any recommendations?

  • Write something every day. This does not, repeat NOT include blogging. OK, so I've failed at this so far but however...Even 10 words. Really. 10 words will do it. Because if you start, you may do a bit more.
Words of wisdom. Pure pearls.

  • Go to at least one reading every month. 

And this year I'll add:
  • Pimp for more readings
Do get in touch if you have a slot at a regular event or festival. Particularly if you want The Poetry Diva Collective. We are fabulous.
  • Buff the collection so it sparkles and actually send it out. 
What's the worse that can happen? They say No? I'll be no worse off than now. But who should I submit to first?
  •  Submit to Mslexia, Bridport, Strokestown and Patrick Kavanagh. Maybe Listowel too. 
That's enough to be going on with.


Julie P said...

You have nothing to beat yourself up about - so you didn't achieve everything you set out to achieve last year - at least you are still writing - there will be many others who aren't, who have given up - so well done on still being here and still sending your work out!

Best wishes and luck for 2010

Julie xx

Titus said...

Ooh, I admire planners. Best of luck and resolve to you!

Kristine said...

I love planning. I plan a lot. Hope you'll carry on doing what you enjoy best and what you're good at. Best of luck.

Anna said...

This inspires me to keep pushing myself!

Good luck!

Becky Wilson aka Valkyrie1008 said...

Hehehe I know how had it can be as a writer (particularly a young unpublished but eager writer at that) to follow the often repeated mantra of 'write every day regardless of its quality and quantity'.

I am however happy to say that so far this year I have managed to fulfill that little challenge (mainly be saying to myself that if I don't write for at least an hour every night after work then I don't deserve to play online - usually makes me feel guilty immediatly if I don't.) The fruits of this sudden burst of dedication this new year can already be seen in my blog in that I finally finished a short story sequel I've been working on for aaaaaaaaaages.

So all I can say is to all writers out there is tell yourself you can't do something until you've done some writing then not only do you feel (hopefully) guilty when you don't but also you feel you've let yourself down as well.

And I agree with you on the other point of trying to enter more competitions and things. Because even if you pick one and write to its deadline and not submitt your work its practise at writing for deadlines and sometimes that little bit of pressure makes our imagination burn that little bit brighter.

I wish that your creative spark burns extra long and bright this new year. Same goes to all creative types out there. Doing one small creative thing a day keeps the mundane monsters away :)

oliveobrien said...

Hi Kate,
Saw the link to your blog on the Inkwell Writers website. Love your article, one of mine is to finally set up own blog and leave more comments on others:)Olive

Susan said...


Sounds like you are building well on last year's work. I follow your blog regularly and have set up a website of my own. I'm offering a short story workshop on the 30th Jan for €10. Details here:
while the blog homepage is - Sorry for all the pimpage :)

I see you volunteered for Fighting Words so we may have met :)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks everyone.

And I'd like to share a thought. Aspirations are a shade different to plans...!