Thursday, 7 January 2010

Howth Yacht Club Literary Readings

I've never seen literary evenings in Howth so give them your support.

All readings are free and open to the public at 
the Howth Yacht Club, Harbour Road.

Hugo Hamilton—Friday 8 January 8 p.m.

Hugo Hamilton is the award winning author of the memoir The Speckled People.  His latest novel is Disguise (2009).  This spring a new novel, Trespassing, will be released.

Catherine Bailey & Ted Deppe—Saturday 9 January 8 p.m.

Catherine Bailey is a fiction writer, playwright, and textile artist from Pennsylvania.
Ted Deppe’s latest books of poems are Cape Clear (Salmon) & Orpheus on the Red Line.

Kate Newmann & Joan Newmann—Sunday 10 January 8 p.m.

Donegal-based poets Kate and Joan Newmann co-authored Belongings in 2009.  Kate is author of The Blind Woman in the Blue House and Joan’s latest book of poems is Prone.

Annie Deppe & Lewis Robinson—Tuesday 12 January 8 p.m.

Annie Deppe’s latest book of poems is Wren Cantata, from Summer Palace Press (2009).
Lewis Robinson most recent book is Water Dogs, a 2009 novel from Random House.

A Stonecoast Sampler—Wednesday 13 January 7:30 p.m.

A lively evening with U.S. writers Amy Alvarez, Mihku Paul Anderson, Vincent Basso, Ashley Horn, Mary Pauer, Joanne Turnbull, Julie Scharf, & Tamra Wilson.  Join us!

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