Monday, 18 January 2010

Carlow Grants

Anyone in or from Carlow? Why not apply for funding this year.

Carlow Co Co and Town Council wish to support professional artists who are originally from Carlow or currently resident in Carlow through the provision of Support for Professional Carlow Artists 2010 bursaries designed to assist artists in their professional development, in the creation of art and in bringing their art to the public.

Under the 2003 Arts Act Grants scheme the local authorities are also offering to provide financial assistance for the purposes of stimulating public interest in the arts; promoting the knowledge, appreciation and practices of the arts; and improving standards in the arts. This can include creative or interpretative expression (traditional or contemporary) in any form, including visual art, film, architecture, etc.

Application details for both of the above schemes may be obtained from:
Carlow Arts Office, Carlow County Council, County Offices, Athy Road, Carlow
T: 059 9170301 or 059 9136204
E: or

Deadline: 4pm, 26 February 2010


Niamh Griffin said...

This is strange but I've never met someone from Carlow. Do they ever leave the country? I read a really funny novelset there last year but can't remember the title or author right now. Will have to dig it out!

Emerging Writer said...

Anyone from Carlow out there want to take this up with Niamh?