Monday, 11 January 2010

Hanna Greally Competition

This is a new competition. They need to let us know what the prize is before charging 10 Euro per poem or short story.

SiarSceal Festival 2010 is organising a Poetry/Short Story Competition with the following themes

1. Home place in translation,
2. Threading my existence through family gone before,
3. Roscommon my home.

(Presumably one of the three)

Competition Guidelines

* Bilingual entries are encouraged especially in the Irish language.
* Entries are limited to two poems/stories per person.
* Poems will be no longer than 60 lines.
* Short stories no longer than 500 words.
* Entrants name, address, contact number, details and poem/story title must be written on a separate page.

Deadline: Friday, 12th February 2010.

Overall Winner will receive a cash prize.

(How much?)

1st prize winners in four categories* will receive the Hanna Greally Award Trophy.
Highly commended runners up will each receive a certificate and cash prize.
The winners will be presented with the awards by the Mayor of Roscommon and invited to read during the Festival launch.

Entries to be sent to Gwen Bond, Emlagh, Castleplunkett, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon.
For further details phone 087 2628191 or 094 9651867 or email

Fees: 10 Euros per entry. Concessions (proof needed) 5 euro per entry.
School Class submissions - 20 euro per class.

Patron: Richie Farrell, Roscommon County Librarian.

1 comment:

Peter Goulding said...

Not only don't they tell you the prize, it says "the 1st prize winners in four categories* will receive the Hanna Greally Award Trophy."
*Active Age, Writers, Disability.

What's that about? Or am I just having a senior moment?