Saturday, 9 January 2010

Things worth reading

From Margaret Atwood's blog, Reasons to keep paper books. I'm not too tempted by ebooks and e readers (though if someone has one I can try, I'm always willing to give it a lash)

Winners of a competition to create publishing myths at Editorial anonymous. Worryingly plausible.

Smallest library - in a phonebox.

Wonderful collection of inspirational quotes collected by Marian Keyes who is sadly suffering from depression. They include Hamlet, Eeyore, Leonard Cohen, Dorothy Parker and Churchill.

How to Write Badly Well blog from Joel Stickley - tongue in cheek what NOT to do's.

Tiny Poems is lovely but unfortunately seems to be dormant.

Paperback Writer is imagining Inventions for Writers.

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mammydiaries said...

Coming to read this tomorrow, tonight the babes are asleep and so must I...