Sunday, 14 February 2010

Poem for the Love Bus

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Happy Valentines to all my faithful readers, paired, single or otherwise. Here's my poem for the TFE Love bus.

You Have Taken My Heart

I have caught you;
it was skin borne, breath borne
I have lost any immunity
and you are in my bloodstream,
pumping round my body,
flowing through veins, arteries,
capillaries that bruise when you touch me.
I’m feverish, clammy,
My throat swollen with your name,
my condition is chronic.
You infected me with you
and there is no remission.


Susannah said...

Wow, I really love this, it is wonderful!

Niamh B said...

ugghhh... but in a nice way...
:-) many happy returns

Liz said...

Nice one, like the body invasion idea...and the 'no remission' ending.

Brigid O'Connor said...

Loved your poem,
have added you to my blog list, come visit mine if you have a spare moment,

I find your blog the best for all Irish writer info, thanks,

Titus said...

I like the infection image very much. I also have to say I know exactly what this feels like, so the poem reads like truth. And I like that very much too.

Argent said...

Love as a disease - nicely phrased and I too like the no remission ending.

the watercats said...

I love the idea that love is an infection... marvellous! and beautifully written too :-)

willow said...

I really like "my throat swollen with your name". Charming piece. And love the accompanying pic!

LilyS said...

Great poem :)

Pure Fiction said...

Shudder - very evocative. Brings back memories of all those powerful feverish emotions you feel in the very early days of a relationship.

Barbara Scully said...

Love as an all consuming disease from which there is no remission nor do you want to recover.. Memories!

Great poem!

Karen said...

The simplicity of this is deceptive. It's a bloodborne pathogen! I love it!

Dominic Rivron said...

Good one. As well as it's emotional power, in a post-AIDS world it has an allusive "edge" to it.