Monday, 15 February 2010

Ever wondered about chapbooks

Video from Blackheath books. Fairly labour intensive. Maybe I'll start up my own chapbook press and use the photocopier from someone's work (not mine. I'[m and a unemployed still)

(weak) poem (more of a short fiction piece) by one of their poets Ben Myers.


Vade said...

you need a printer and a stapler and a few poems. takes a day to get the layout sorted ( for an amateur like me) and another day to stick them together. should cost you a euro each, can sell them for a fiver. shouldn't be too hard to sell a hundred over a couple of months at readings and to your mates. and then you get feedback too. all in all very much worthwhile, I found.
Dave lordan

Emerging Writer said...

That's really interesting Dave. I often have people asking to buy my poems. Would you be open to doing a (short) guest blog post with a few more details? How you did it? The costs? Packaging? What happened when you got a collection together with a 'real' publisher?

You can email me (see sidebar)