Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Galway Slams - Poetry and Stories

Not 100% sure what a smackdown is. Do they fight with words? If you're near Galway, go and check it out and report back.

First Poetry Smackdown of the Year, on a TUESDAY 23 February 2010 8.30pm

3 guest Speakers:

Lisa Allen - 2010 Cuirt Poetry Slam Finalist
Marcella Morgan - Shortlisted for 2009 'Over the Edge' Writer of the Year
Jimmy Monaghan - From 'Music for Dead Birds'

And open mic.

Róisín Dubh,
Dominick Street,

And then

Loose Lips Story Slam

Wednesday, February 24th 9pm
and the last Wednesday of every month.

Hosted by Tommy Tiernan and Mags Treanor.

Róisín Dubh,
Dominick Street,

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