Sunday, 28 February 2010

Green Drinks and Poetry

This sounds interesting. Tuesday 2nd March 2010, Green Drinks will be held on the top floor of Messrs Maguire.

Green Drinks is a FREE event held on the first Tuesday of every month. Come at 6pm for a drink and some free vegetarian food in Messrs Maguire. Each month we have a special guest who speaks for 20mins on a given environmental theme, then you have a chance to grill them with questions.

This month it's a poet. Green Drinks is going a bit artsy. We will be hearing from Barbara Egan - poet and Green Drinks regular.

Barbara spends some of her time working as a psychotherapist, mostly in the area of Trauma and Addiction. The rest of her time is spent in a remote and beautiful place deep in the Wicklow hills, on the edge of a National Park. Here she welcomes guests who seek beauty, tranquillity and the happiness of pure air.

She has been reading and writing poetry for decades and is passionate about sharing the poems she loves...this, despite having little interest in curriculum poetry way back when. She hopes you will not run from her presentation on 'Poetry and Sustainability' on March 2nd, but rather give it a chance to beguile you, to challenge you and perhaps to speak for you.

There'll be comfy seats and free VEGETARIAN hot food platters courtesy of Messrs - and the best thing is, Messrs brew their own beer on site, so you'll not find a greener pint in Dublin City.

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