Sunday, 3 January 2010

Things people have typed and ended up here

As in how some people found this blog.
Most of people type the name of the blog, which is nice.
Also Poetry Divas Collective!
Lots of people type in their own or other people's names.
Hawthornden Castle Fellowship is popular too.

- pregnant goldfish
- a doll in the corner
- adventurous sexual encounters - Maybe this will increase my hits
- dissing haiku - someone has to
- do quality poets publish online? - Do they?
- do it your self castle outdoor sculpture
- erotic short stories that pays 10 c per word - That's a good deal
- faaber publishrs uk submissions - better check your spelling first
- finished a book and now what - good idea for a post
- full lake kilk in big boobs
- google sexy women in west cork
- he is shit at them haiku uiscebot - Possibly my favourite
- kiltoom castle and the paranormal
- is simon nixon getting married - is he?
- interesting - I hope so!
- homeless guy in kinsale
- i love emo
- james trumpet player wears a dress - yes, I know
- munchtime auckland
- poems about losing darts
- when is roisin ingle's birthday
- wellies


Totalfeckineejit said...

I'm very interested in the do it yourself outdoor castle sculpture

Anna said...

How interesting to find out what people were really looking for! ha ha ha!

Uiscebot said...

Ha! That was me! I was looking for this...

...but got the line wrong :)

My sitemeter lists horribly funny and very disturbing search entries, mostly involving fat people.

Niamh Griffin said...

Pregnant goldfish! I had to google and see what the link was, disapponted to see you havent written an epic saga on this:)

Emerging Writer said...

epic saga/poem pending.
Any more confessions?

Recent additions include

claire keegan's agent
afro irish t shirt