Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Flat Lake Festival 2009

Small technical problem with the slideshow above apparently fixed now. Normal service resumed.

Yes. The Poetry Divas stormed through the green fields of Monaghan and on to the back of a horsebox stage at The Flat Lake Festival. We were fabulous. Barbara Boobs Smith, Maeve Callas O'Sullivan and Kate Cow's Arse Dempsey. We had a lovely, attentive audience sitting on haybales and even standing to hear us. Thanks to Pat McCabe for making us welcome and featuring us on Radio Butty. 106.0 FM. (Does anyone have any photos of us?)

The sun shone, which was unexpected. So everyone was extra happy. The lovely organisers even put our tent up for us.

Also appearing were the Prufrocks - Liz Gallagher, Jaki McCarrick, Mary Mullen, Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Barbara Smith (also a Diva) in the theatre tent. The audience gradually swelled to scarily large numbers and I caught a piccie of a totally engrossed famous audience member. We met him after and he said he found the poetry reading very relaxing and would we please go to watch him spinning disks at 11 pm in the Butty Barn, so we did. Can I mention those cheekbones?

We also met the lovely Poetry Chicks. I was a bit scared of them beforehand having seen them on Youtube, but they are as nice as they are tough. And they're pretty tough.

The highlight for me was Jinx Lennon. A revelation and a complete Dundalk original. I also greatly enjoyed Donal O'Kelly's one man show about Rossport Shell security man and what I caught of the lovely Dermot Bolger. All in all an eclectic mix of fun and skewness.

I'll be back (if they'll have me)


Totalfeckineejit said...

Well done!Great line up, great fun ,great festival.I've never been, must try and make it next year if I'm still above ground.

Word vero, lamentr, spooky or wot?

BarbaraS said...

It was a fab weekend - thanks for having me as a Diva... I like the new monikers ;)