Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Guardian Short Story Competition Winner and Runners Up

Read the stories that were picked. An eclectic collection. Not sure of the point some of them. Another win by an MA student.

Box Fresh by Roger Stephens
A man takes an eventful bus journey.

One Street Corner Too Soon by Dan Purdue
It's the kind of night when Important Things happen, but will everything go to plan?

Stations by Bernard O'Leary
A home-made pendant unlocks the story of a desperate drive.

Parvathy's Well by Poornima Manco
A change in the weather brings an unwelcome revelation for a nine-year-old girl.

Blind Guy by Andy Knudsen
A man struggles to decide whether to warn his blind colleague that he may be ill.

Lisa Blower:
Broken Crockery
Winner of our short story competition, Blower, 35, gave up her career in commercial radio three years ago and is studying creative and critical writing at Bangor University. She has written stories since childhood, but this is the first she has had published.

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