Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cape Clear Storytelling Festival

There's a lot to be said for listening to a story. I remember well a sunny, spring afternoon at the Ennis Book Club Festival a couple of years ago, in a room listening to Mary O'Donnell reading a complete short story to us. It was lovely, like being back as a child listening to one of my parents.

I'd like to go to Cape Clear but it clashes with Electric Picnic Music and Arts Festival, Stradbally. But if you're way out west, it's supposed to be fantastic.

When: September 4th-6th
Where: Cape Clear, Co Cork. If you're not staying, the last ferry leaves at 6 pm.

This renowned weekend is now in its 15th year, each year gaining remarkable success. The festival offers a mix of international fame and multicultural diversity, suitable for all ages and nationalities.

The atmosphere is relaxed and easy going, and the background of the island’s stunning scenery viewed from the different venues, promotes a festival of unique standing in the world of storytelling.

This year’s storytellers include:

Jimmy Crowley

Clare Murphy

Ian Stephen

Mats Rehnman

Lyn Ford


Niamh B said...

You should use that picture for all future posts. Ahh cheekbones...

Emerging Writer said...

Did I mention that I actually talked to him? One of the other Divas started it. She a bit of a tart about that sort of thing between you and me (!)

BarbaraS said...

You're getting your money's worth out of that picture - but sure I love seeing him popping up on yer blog ;)

Niamh B said...

Never leave a diva alone with a hollywood star - it's like gremlins and water.

Vodka Mom said...

that looks amazing! I should look for something similar over here......

Emerging Writer said...

And if you keep reading, I may use it again...!