Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Greetings Cards

This market pays, if you write the type of thing they go for:

Blue Mountain - click here for guidelines.

Response within 4 months.

$300 for worldwide greetings card use.
$50 if in an anthology.

They take specific mother, father, aunt etc and general birthday, thank you etc themes but also seasonal. Deadlines:

Christmas & General Holiday: August 10
Valentine's Day: October 12
Easter: January 1
Mother's Day: January 26
Father's Day: March 9

Purple Ronnie.
How many ways do I love you?
I think there are probably two
The rumpety pump way is all very well
But I like the soppy way too.

Edward Monkton

Buy me, Lady," said the frock, "and I will make you into a beautiful and whole and complete human being." "Do not be silly," said the Man, "for a frock alone cannot do that." "True," said the Lady. "I will have the shoes and the bag as well"