Monday, 12 July 2010

Storymap, Dublin

Tom Rowley is looking for help with Storymap in Dublin
He says:

The basic idea is we'll film people telling stories related to specific places in the city, while in that place (a street, a restaurant, a bar). These 5-10 minute true stories could be historical, personal, romantic, ghostly, comic.. etc. Once filmed they'll be edited, uploaded and integrated into an online map of the city. The idea is that it'll expand each month with a selection of quality stories to include more places and create a 'storymap' - a vision of the city as lived across generations, centuries, nationalities. The aim being to end up with a story for every street in the capital, capturing its essence and personality.

We have the filming equipment and crew, and a range of storytellers on board to get started. Now we're recruiting for a web developer and graphic designer to get the site up and running in time to launch. We were wondering if any of the lovely milk and cookies audience are in this field and would be interested in this. If so, please email with any examples of work/ ideas.

As it's not a commercial venture there'd be no pay available but we're applying for funding which, if granted, would provide money to pay people further on down the line.

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