Sunday, 13 December 2015

Abridged 0-14: Floodland Submission Call

Abridged, the Northern Irish Poetry and Art magazine is looking for submissions on the theme of Floodland. This is what they say:

The chaos of water in water: transformation – from Lethe to Floodland. A process manifested on many levels – physical, social and psychological. The untamed advances its borders and floods the land and fear overwhelms our psyche. We buckle under, the weight of a wild, alien and apathetic element. We fear for our borders, our habitats, and convince ourselves that the flood blatantly undermines our very occupancy of the spaces over which we have asserted an order, drawing lines and making rules. We fear it will return those in its wake to the primordial mess, engulfing earth, obscuring sky, bombarding all sense of the foundational order. Floods are the sky falling. It seems the flood is the mindless purging of the earth and the heavens, scraping out a vacuum between them. All floods are mindless, and fully charged with the violence of mindlessness. In the midst of the reflective flatness and the rubble, there are the minds of individuals shaken out from the trauma of the flood into a strange and vulnerable newness. We are flooded with panic and paranoia: time, economy, global crises, and fear are made immediate, vital and simultaneous. We go blind with saturation and buckle under it in a great inevitable giving-way. Why would the world make war with us? Our eyes ask of the sky, our bodies of the ocean, our minds of our bodies, our art, our institutions. Our old stories knot colossal floods up with beginnings and re-beginnings. Born from the water we are swallowed and reborn of it, stripped to infancy by the huge indifference of the elemental.

Abridged is exploring paranoia and fear in its 0 – 14: Floodland issue. We are looking for poetry (up to three poems) and art (up to A4 landscape size and 300dpi or above). Submissions can be sent to 
Deadline : 22nd January 2016

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