Thursday, 22 October 2015

The cover for my debut Poetry Collection, The Space Between

Drum Roll Please......

I'd like to show you the cover for my first poetry collection, The Space Between which will be published by the lovely people at Doire Press next month.

The image is from a photo of a Venetian mask at my parents' house. It's a mask for a plague doctor based on a commedia dell'arte character called Il Medico della Peste. 

I think it's a striking image but I also like that it indicates the performer and the audience and the space between them. There is a space between a poet and the reader or listener, and also a space between the voice of the poet and the person who is the poet. So the 'I' in a poem and the 'I' of the poet. Don't assume they are one and the same. There is a space between!

Thanks are due to the ever patient Lisa at Doire Press for the layout.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Watch this space for more announcements of the launch and other upcoming readings. Keep an eye out for it on real shelves and books stores and lots more on social media over the next while.

If there are any festivals, events, venues and the like that would be open to me reading, please get in touch. Or you would interview me or host me on your blog.

Contact details are on the sidebar.

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