Thursday, 1 January 2009

Review of the Year

This is the time of year I suppose to look back on the last year and then look ahead to the new year. I'm never very good at making plans and sticking to them.

- Reading in Belfast for the Windows Publications Introductions February
- Shortlisted for the Hennessey New Irish Writing for Short Story April
- Attended a poetry workshop at the Poetry Now Festival with Jamie McKendrick
- Printed, publicised and distributed the Poetry in The Waiting Room leaflets Summer
- Performed at Electric Picnic Music and Arts Festival August
- Received the Tyrone Guthrie Exchange Bursary with Overpfälzer Kűnstlerhaus August
- Received an Arts Council Travel Grant
- Attended Poetry Workshop with Gerald Dawe September
- Led a Writing Workshop at the National Gallery September
- Poem published in Food and Wine Magazine October
- Organised a National Poetry Day Reading October
- Readings at Farmleigh and South Dublin Libraries' Readers Day
- Haiku sequence in the anthology 'Night and Day'/New Island December 2008
- Included in blog anthology Homespages
- Poem accepted with The SHOp magazine for 2009

The list of rejections is much longer (which is par for the course and no one should be focusing on the negative.)

What did I not do that I meant to?

- Finish my novel
- Get my poetry collection finished/published
- Finish my novel
- Earns lots of money so I can concentrate on finishing my novel
- Get a bursary so I can concentrate on finishing my novel
- Finish my novel


Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

I think 'Finish my novel' is a New Year resolution for an awful lot of us!
Good luck with it and with all of 2009, and thanks for all your useful and interesting posts in 2008!

Unknown said...

So you must finish the novel, EW. And you might add to your list for this year, workshopping in Dundalk: we, unbelievably, got our funding!

Peter Goulding said...

Thats a pretty impressive CV for 2008! Keep it up and your emergence will soon be complete.
Echoing Catherine, many thanks for all the info in 2008 - certainly drew my attention to a few things that are out there that I was unaware of.
And good luck for 2009!!

Liz said...

Kate, great show of successes -congrats.
And thanks for keeping us in the know about what's happening in the writing world.
Happy New Year!

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks everyone. Have you written up your reviews of the year?
Barbara, that's great! one up on the Irish writers centre

Niamh B said...

God, you've been busy!! All that, plus digging out the most interesting writing info on events and opportunities as they happen! Well done to you, and hope '09 is as productive.