Saturday, 9 July 2011

Interesting Links again

What do you think about this? Unbound, a fund raising platform for authors BEFORE they've finished the book. A bit like fundit for books.

Beta readers for your book at Glass Cases

You know there is a league of literary magazines. Premiership or third division? Check out the (poetry specific) recommendations from Happenstance Press. Irish magazines mentioned are Poetry Ireland Review and The Shop. (What's missing? Stinging Fly for instance.)

Really interesting article with American writer and editor Robert Gottleib at

5 Openings to Avoid from Nathan Bradsford I've seen them all in my time, and also written some! Writers take note.

Poet Meg Peacocke, has her words cut in stone via Padaig O'Morain's blog.
I'd love my words cut in stone, or wood or metal. I can see it now...


Titus said...

Really enjoyed the Gottleib article - ta.

Emerging Writer said...

Yes, a good read, eh