Friday 5 September 2008

Electric Picnic 2008

Here are some of my photos from Electric Picnic. What a great festival, repositioned as a music and arts festival. There was music for all tastes and so much going on, you hadn't a hope of seeing everything that intrigued you from the programme. And one of the joys of the festival was stumbling upon things you would never have seen if you were following a schedule.

The spoken word arena was great (though they could have publicised the times a bit better beforehand and not changed them at the last minute.) I saw some poetry, performance and more considered, if that is the word. I saw some of the comedy tent. This tent will have to be a whole lot bigger next year. Some theatre, debate. I didn't see any of the workshops. The Lyons Tea tent was a boon.

There were art works all around the site which were delightful and though provoking. My favourite area though was Body and Soul. Loads of mini events, cookery demonstrations, drumming, poetry, music, massage, tarot and chai.


B said...

I signed the Electric Picnic thing as "B'dum, Positive Boredom"

Emerging Writer said...

Do you mean you left a block in the Temple of Truth? Or the Electric Picnic blue letters? Wasn't it a fantastic weekend? A playground for adults, a sweetie shop for the 5 senses - not to mention for the 600 children that were there.

Unknown said...

Looks like you had great fun there, EW. I am jealous, in a small, non-able-to-organise-weekends-away-from children way

B said...

I signed both!

Beautifully done weekend, mine was slightly tarnished by my brother's grumpiness with the music lineup.

Emerging Writer said...

There was just so much to do and I loved seeing new things. Florence and the Machine is oozing star appeal and the aerial dance called Strange Fruit was mesmorising.