Sunday, 7 September 2008

Creative Writing in the National Gallery

This Wednesday 10th September at 3pm, get down to the National Gallery for a workshop as part of the 'Arts for All Ages' programme they run for free. Responding to Art in ROom 42 - the lovely Caravaggio Room. Now there's a great role model for a troubled artist. He burst onto the Roman arts scene about 1600, lived hard and fast and had to run away from the city when he killed someone in a brawl about a game. He died young of a fever, just days before a papal pardon came through for him. Anyway this workshop will get your creative juices flowing responding to his painting and other painters influenced by him.
As advertised in the Dublin Event Guide , a weekly email about free events in and around Dublin.
The National Gallery do lots of free events, paid for in your taxes, so make the most of it. Check our their website. IMMA also does quite a few. But both have a long way to go before they match the events put on in the main London or Edinburgh galleries and museums.

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Susan at Stony River said...

You almost -- ALMOST -- make me wish I lived close enough to Dublin to make these events!

There's some fantastic programming going on all the time.