Sunday, 21 September 2008

Castlecomer Writers Festival

Castlecomer first writers festival is imaginatively programmed.

When: September 26th to 28th

Where: Castlecomer, Kilkenny

Who's coming: John W. Sexton, Mark Roper, Neville Thompson, Anne Notario, Martina Reilly, Sheila Flanagan and more.

Workshops, Talks

8pm Launch of Festival by local celebrity followed by a firework display.

10:30- 12:30 Workshops
Mark Roper: Poetry
John W Sexton: Writing for Children
Anita Notaro: Book Signing
Martina Reilly. Writing Believable Characters.

11:45 Book Signing: Sheila Flanagan
11:45- 1:00 Workshops
Local History: James Lawless
Fictional Crime: Declan Burke
Political Satire: Garbhan Downey
Creative Writing: Eileen Sheehan
Contemporary Novel Writing: Neville Thompson

2:30- 4:00 Wine and Cheese Reading with Sheila Flanagan
2:30- 4:00 Workshops
Eileen Sheehan: Writing Poetry
James Lawless: Writing a Memoir
Garbhan Downey: Journalism
Martina Reilly. Book Signing
Mark Roper: Poetry for Teenagers
Anita Notaro: Writing a Novel
Declan Burke: Crime Always Pays

“Write Off”. An X Factor style competition with great prizes
Judges John W Sexton, Maurice Shortall, V

and more of the same on Sunday.

P.S. Check out this week's specials in the Guardian/Observer on how to write. Not sure I agree with everything (1,000 words a day max? Why?) but there's words of wisdom in there that do bear repeating.

P.P.S. I hope everyone with a collection-worth of poems is brushing them off for the Patrick Kavanagh competition. I am. At this rate, by the time I win, I'll have paid enough in entry fees to get my money back. But I have to admit, my collection gets better every year. I look at last year's entry and shiver. Deadline 26th September but they often extend it.


Susan at Stony River said...

That festival sounds wonderful, but alas it's too far and I'll be home from the hospital instead. A writing competition like Pop Idol, with prizes? I'd LOVE to watch it at least, participate, well, maaaaybe...

Loved your PPS.

Unknown said...

First the annual Weily Race and now a Writers' Festival - 'Comer, as we call it locally, has definitely come a long way. Shame I can't make it but I DO wonder who the local celebrity might be:-)

Emerging Writer said...

Hope you'll be on the mend, Susan. Wonder if they'll webcam the X factor thingy. It could catch on.

What's a Weily race?

Unknown said...

A Wellie (sorry, need to increase the text size on my screen AND improve my spelling) Race is a race for which one wears wellies and other odd garments. It's held on New Year's Day, I think, to raise money for charity and run off seasonal excess.