Saturday 6 September 2008

Kings and Heroes Reading in aid of Save Tara Campaign

When: Sunday 7th September 3pm
Where: Cassidy's of Westmoreland St, Dublin 2

Seven Towers Agency organise a Save Tara Fundraiser: There will be a €3 charge into this event and all money raised will go to the Save Tara Campaign
Readers will be Noel Ó Briain, Catherine Ann Cullen, Ross Hattaway, the wonderful Barbara Smith and Eamonn Lynskey.

Do Chapters and Verse ever do a reading that doesn't feature Noel Ó Briain and/or
Ross Hattaway? They may be seasoned readers but it's a bit repetative, don't you think?
I might make it down there for the second half.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately I can't make it :( as father-in-law comes out of hospital... pretty much as I write! He's been missed after his month-long sojourn in James's.

Emerging Writer said...

Sorry you didn't make it. I dropped in specifically to see you. (I was in town anyway)

Unknown said...

Well, there's always the themed reading on Thursday: Back to School, in Chapters... featuring the usual suspects, and me :)