Thursday, 25 September 2008

Blogs to tickle your fancy

I stumbled across some of these wonders using the black box in the margin. Suck it and see.

Annie Rhiannon blonks about life in Ireland.

Blue Mosaic me blogs about his literary successes and failures.

Book Roast serves up books and authors lightly toasted.

The Cat Girl speaks about her cat-like life, meaning domestic moggy-like.

Darran Shan who writes those great, popular vampire children's books blogs here.

Deluded woman blogs at Is that me? How did THAT happen??

Eric Forbes book addict's guide to to good books from Kuala Lumpur.

JasoniJournal blogs about writing in Australia with a SpecFic slant.

Nick Laird writes in the Guardian about translating poetry.

Pauline McGlynn writer and comedienne (not sure of the order) blogs about life.

Pub rants is about a US literary agent (so I don't think there's a whole lot of moaning at the bar with a half-drunk pint involved here, despite the title,)

The 26th Story is the Harper Studio blog.


Yvonne said...

I'll have a look at those blog posts, thanks!

Just a quick note, I'm not sure if you've heard of an Irish blog-to-book project called Homepages, to raise funds for Focus Ireland. They are looking for stories and other text submissions here if you're interested. Pauline McLynn is writing the introduction. Thanks.

Karen said...

That widget is addictive! Love the photo by the way :o)

Colm Keegan said...

These lists are very useful. Thanks Kate.