Wednesday, 17 September 2008

All-Ireland Day of Poetry

When: Thursday October 2nd
Where: Every county
What: Poetry
Poetry Ireland is celebrating its birthday with the start of something that might get quite big. They are supporting a reading in every county in Ireland. See their website for your nearest. I think it's a great idea and I hope it catches on. Some counties have a lot more going on than others. Kilkenny for example is running a competition in the libraries, end date 23rd September.
My nearest is a long way away and of little interest to me in truth. I hope in future years they spread it a bit more, encourage writing and reading groups to organise their own, get into schools primary and secondary, get on radio and TV, local and national. Get in the papers.
The UK national day of poetry is great and has a lot of support from the BBC, the department of education, libraries and county councils.
Maybe you can approach your own county arts office or library and suggest an evening arranged on the cheap as part of the day.


David Maybury said...

The response to the Poetry Day has been amazing - schools (these events won't be advertised), libraries, arts offices and poets have all been eager to get on board.

Sorry to hear you're county event isn't of interest (or close by) - get in touch if you fancy taking part (this year or next)

Unknown said...

The Ciarrai colours on top of the... I can't quite remember... is it Mayo?
A portent of things to come on Sunday? Up Tyrone!

Anyway, I think this Poetry Day will grow and grow! Yay for poetry, yay for people power!

Emerging Writer said...

Or should I say, I'd love to take part this year.

Emerging Writer said...

I think it's a great idea. But it needs to be more local. My county has it's gig in the far south, almost as far from me as you can get. Central Dublin's nearer. I'd be interested in something closer to home. Dunno what type of an audience we'd get. Do I call PI?