Sunday, 3 March 2013

Poetry 24

Where News is the Muse

Have you seen something in the News that inspires? Check out this website. Various and many are the news topics covered by poems here.

Poetry24 was founded in early 2011 by Hampshire-based former columnist Martin Hodges and Merseyside performance poet Clare Kirwan. The aim was simple: to publish news-related or topical poetry that reflects what's happening in the world, or current affairs.

Since then, nearly 600 poems have been published on the site from around the world, often within hours or days of having been written, providing a unique poetic response to the news as it happens.

At the end of 2012, a new team of editors took up the baton, providing a more international platform for the site.

They are looking for submissions.
All poems must relate to a recent news item. (Ideally within the last week or two, although we occasionally consider poems on the anniversary of a significant event);  


Abigail Elizabeth Ottley Wyatt said...

Current editors are Hamish Mack, Abigail Wyatt and Michael Holloway.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Abigail.