Friday, 25 October 2013

iOTA shots Awards for Short Poetry Pamphlets

Deadline: 18th November 2013: 
Results announced February 2014

Two, and up to three poets will have their shorter 'poetry shots'  published by Templar Poetry in 2014 and publication will be accompanied by launch events as well as the opportunity to appear at live Templar Poetry events and other venues.
An iOTA shot will be whatever you make it as a poet. It may be a series of sonnets, haiku, a sequence, a single narrative poem, a mini-epic or a short collection on a theme; it is both an invitation and an opportunity to produce an innovative, original and imaginative short piece of work.

Templar Poetry  is a publishing house with a reputation for developing new audiences for poetry through its fresh and unfettered approach to discovering excellent new writers and presenting their work to a wide range of readers and listeners.

  • Each winning poet receives £100 and fifty copies of their iOTA shot pamphlet
  • Each winning poet will be offered the opportunity to record their work for our forthcoming online poetry carousel
  • Each winning poet will be issued with a Templar Poetry publishing agreement which will include the option to submit a full collection for consideration
  • All poets who submit receive a complimentary Templar Pamphlet
  • READER – Alex McMillen: Managing Editor, Templar Poetry

  • The cover, title and contents pages are not counted in the twelve to sixteen pages of poetry.
Postal Submission Fee: £14.50
Online Submission Fee: £15.50

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