Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Article in The Independent on your first novel

This is a riveting, sensible article about how to publish your first novel and why. It's a bit gloomy but in a realistic way. I know it's very hard to get published. And I also know that just because you get a book published, doesn't mean it will win the Booker. First books often sink without trace.
But agents and publishers do need to keep their doors open as no one can say for sure what the next sure fire bestseller will be.
There are often stories about slush pile stardom and multiply rejected award winning authors but they are few and far between. Extremely few and far between. John Grisham, Richard Adams. JK Rowling. The stories make good copy, that's all.
There is good advice on where to look for advice. Not even an MA will guarantee you publication, my friends. Not even UEA. (I'd love to go to UEA)
And even if you're published and a well known name, the money is usually pathetic. Get into films and TV if you want the money, so I'm told.
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Interesting article. Funny how even established authors can still have work turned down. I know a talented writer lady who was very successful in the 80's/early 90's,
but can only get published in Europe now, as she's considered 'out of fashion' over here. Fickle business in some ways.