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Tam o'Shanter in the modern day

From the ever resourceful Stammering Poet's blog.

Tam O'Shanter reboot. I read this mad poem at school in Scotland. Can you bring it into the 21st Century? 

reply from the organisers may give some pointers

We are very pleased with the response so far; some brimfull of wit and wisdom, lovely imagery and some very good lines . But there is something slightly depressingly similar about some of them, kebabs occur so often that the competition could almost be retitled “Carry on up the Kebab”, and a lot of downright squalor and sordidness. The original Tam avoids that. Can we not a couple of hundred years later do as well? And does it only have to be about a man out on the piss pulling the birds………….. there are so many other escapades which can go horribly wrong to choose from.    Burns did not have much choice, we have.

Deadline 31 Dec 2012

The story of Tam’s journey home from the tavern after a few too many is infamous. But now a new challenge has been set!
The Great Reboot of Tam o’ Shanter challenges you to bring the bard’s poem into the 21st century. Following the structure of the original, you are invited to come up with a new, modern twist on this old classic. The organisers are looking for someone to write a piece, in English or Scots, thinking about what Burn’s would have written if he were around today. An outing to a football match in Barcelona, a blind date to Benidorm, a hen party, a rave at a zombie night-club... it’s up to you!

•    The poem should be about a night out and the return home after a wild and unpredicted experience – of whatever kind!
•    It should be written in Scots or English and be the original work of the author, unpublished and not accepted for publication elsewhere.
•     It should not be under consideration in other writing competitions and should not be a translation of another author’s work.
•    The original 'Tam o’ Shanter' runs to 224 lines. Entries should be no longer than that, and particularly short poems are not appropriate: so, no limericks, sonnets or villanelles, please.
•    Any metrical form would be welcome – the ballad stanza, rhyming couplets, iambic pentameters, free verse are all welcome options. We are looking for a narrative poem of substance, insight and wit.
•    The competition is open to anyone over the age of 16.

How to enter
•    All entries are to be made online to:
•    You can make as many entries as you like.
•    Entries will be acknowledged by E mail.
•    There is no fee for entry.

It's free!

The Judges:
Lesley Duncan, Poetry Editor of The Herald; Charles MacLean, Whisky Evangelist; Hugh Lockhart, Trustee of FSFF, David Purdie, editor of The Burns Encyclopaedia; Alan Riach, Professor of Scottish Literature at Glasgow University; Alexander McCall Smith, novelist.

The Prizes
The three best entries will submit to final judgement at an event in the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum beside the Auld Haunted Kirk of Alloway, in Ayrshire, Scotland and prizes will be awarded as below:
1st prize  £500
2nd prize £200
3rd prize  £100
And a further four prizes of £25 each.

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