Monday, 10 December 2012


Yes, it's that time of year again. And again I am a little late starting. Time is creeping on. Others are well on in their plans. Others have planned already and prepared. And as the lesser of the two instigators, I am honor bound to paticipate. But never fear, I am up to the task.

It's International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month.

(And Ireland are falling behind!)

Come on peeps. Write it, Put It, Photo it and Post it.

This year Titus has graciously volunteered to host. See here for a much better description about it.

So here's mine.
I was in London at the weekend and I was struck how friendly people were. Friendlier than I was used to. I'm wondering if it is the Olympics spirit that has kept on. When I was in Trafalgar Square, there was a lovely carol concert for the volunteers.

Since the Olympics

Now's the time for festive cheer
but London's friendly all the year
since last July it's our good luck
the volunteer spirit stuck.

I wrote it on a napkin from Pret a Manger and left it in said establishment in London City Airport.

So I don't know where Titus wants to count it!
I'm English.
I left it in England
I was going to Ireland.
I blog in Ireland.



The Bug said...

I love it! The napkin AND the poem. I'm glad the people were friendly :)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Bug. I am VERY fond of London but some Londoners can be standoffish. Not this time. It was great.

Titus said...

We all love it! And you're up, and counted. Ireland, of course.

Peter Goulding said...

Ah, we'll take it for Ireland, Kate, as we're lagging so far behind! Off the mark, wayhayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Emerging Writer said...

OK. Ireland it is. I hope I am an inspiration to the other laggards on this isle of poets and scholars

Domestic Oub said...

Am about to enter the race! Well, once I write a poem that is, the shop bit isn't the problem... but I must try, for national pride at least...

Emerging Writer said...

Go D'Oub!