Friday, 27 March 2015

Fool For Poetry International Chapbook Competition

Fool For Poetry International Chapbook Competition now open for submissions to writers around the world! Competition hosted by the Munster Literature Centre in Cork, Ireland. 
Deadline 31 May 2015
TWO winners to receive: 
  • manuscript publication, 
  • 50 free copies 
  • €500 cash
  • Forward Prize nomination 
  • consideration for Cork Spring Poetry Festival reading in 2016. 

At least one of the winners will be a debutante publication.
25 - 50 more will receive commendations.
Entrance fee €25
JudgesThe winners will be selected by a panel chosen by the management board of Southword Editions
Manuscripts must be sixteen to twenty pages in length. More details on the website.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

I've been neglectful about following your blog due to my school responsibilities. So busy writing I'm not nuts is that?!? but this chapbook contest is too good to pass up. Many thanks again for sharing this info. So appreciated by this writer slash poet.

miss demeanor said...

Hi Im just wondering can anyone tell me, can I have more than one poem on a page provided I keep within 38 lines on the page? grateful for any replies.

Emerging Writer said...

You should check with the Munster Literature Centre but to be honest, I wouldn't recommend it.