Tuesday, 22 September 2015

ISLA Literary Festival

ISLA Literary Festival returns this October with a programme packed with activities. This year the theme of memory is the background for a series of conversations, film screenings, workshops and literary walks.  Enjoy three days of events featuring 20 authors from Spain, Latin America and Ireland. 

The stories we tell define our memory and our memory, in turn, defines our identity. There is no story without fictional elements because there is no memory immune to the corroding effects of oblivion. We can just remember what we have somehow begun to forget. We can only be who we are when, without noticing, we have stopped being who we were.

These are the themes the Festival will address during three days. Our guests will guide us in drafting, once again, our past from that place, sometimes in the margins, called literature. We will read our memory, full of images to remember and we will look back to travel, once more, with them that path between reality and fiction that struggles for ever to keep us from oblivion.

Link here and programme here

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