Thursday, 29 September 2016

Irish Writers Centre courses

If putting pen to paper is more your style, we are holding a Publishing Day with the University of Limerick where writers of all genres and forms can learn how to be published.

Hone your writing skills with some courses from the IWC autumn programme.

Autumn Programme 2016

Making the Murderer:  If writing crime is your passion then lock yourself in with Louise Phillips and learn how to develop a thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat using tension and effective dialogue.
Starts: Thurs 29 Sept (10 weeks)

Screenwriting: Dreaming of writing for the silver screen? Discover the ins and outs of screenwriting with Mark O'Connor including master plots, the logline and scene breakdowns.
Starts: Mon 3 Oct (8 weeks)

Confessional Writing: Listen as Róisín Agnew tells all in this exploration of confessional writing and its various forms. 
Starts: Sat 8 Oct (one day)

Feature Writing: Transform your writing abilities as the basics of feature writing is explored in this 6 week course, including sourcing ideas and tailoring your writing to different publications.
Starts: Wed 26 Oct (6 weeks)

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