Sunday 20 November 2016

Haiku for Science Hack Day


It’s really simple
These are really simple
tap tap tap

In principal,
we should be able to
tap tap tap

that little arrow
see the little checkmark
that’s when the fun starts

Look, if I wave
I change the numbers
on the screen

I don’t know much
I can follow instructions
that’s important

You need to use
a proper crimper
Of course we have one

Him? He knows stuff
he just takes shit apart
and wiggles it

How long did it take
for him to fix it
oh seconds

Making prototypes
we have more ideas than time
to make them all work

hot duck in plastic -
ideally to mould it
saw it in half

It has chemistry
electronics and software
mechanics and art

the motor squeezes
the drop falls, splashes, lit up
the camera flashes

duck on the bottom
incoming wave bobs duck on top
powers LED

Mother’s pattern
drawn into the present -
laser cut fabric

Limerick drivers
One cyclist retaliates
vest and LEDs

So many photos -
two people watching a third

Floating lanterns
LEDs and thermocouples
such pretty colours

Pimp my chair
Help me overcome
daily obstacles

braille display -
little wheels and pins
one way internet

We’re brewing beer
squirting carbon dioxide
displacing O2

Who set off
the fire alarm?
who’s on fire?

When’s the next one?
Five years of never again
Never again

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