Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cork Literary Review/Bradshaw Books Poetry Collection Competition

OK, I can't read this. It says:

Cork Literary Review and Bradshaw books are running a competition for a poetry collection, 25-35 poems, anonymously submitted, unpublished as a collection,
Put your contact details on a separate piece of paper.
Deadline 31 March 2008
Fee: 35 Euro. Cheques made payable to Cork Women's Poetry Circle Ltd
Editors: Sheila O'Hagan, Eugene O'Connell, John W Sexton

Cork Literary Review
Poetry Manuscript Competition
Bradshaw Books
c/o Cork Arts Theatre
Carroll's Quay

021 450 9274

Now 35 Euro is quite steep for an entry fee. And in my personal opinion, Cork/Munster based poets are more favourably viewed. The CorkLit scene is known for being pretty insular.

Bradshaw books. Who have they published. Chuck Kruger. Geraldine Mills Tony O'Dwyer, Michael McCarthy , Roderick Ford, John W Sexton, Tommy Frank O'Connor etc etc

I can't seem to find out if this ran last year, who won.

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Emerging Writer said...

I can't find Bradshaw Books on the web nor any publicity for who won the poetry manuscript competition before. How do they expect to sell any?
Also is there prize money as well as publication?
35 Euro is steep and I for one won't be entering.