Saturday, 10 November 2007

Willesden Sunset - short stories

I wonder how easy it is to run your own writing contest? Lots have judges I've never heard of. And usually the judges only get a few entries, the rest are filtered by the unnamed organisers. A grant application, a few emails to writing newletters and website, a thoughful name and Bob's your uncle. Poetry would be easier, less reading.

The humorous website Willesden Herald is looking for short stories of an irreverent nature and offering £5000 to the winner. Word count is only limited to the 'highly variable attention span of our editorial team'. Winner, 9 runners up and 4 commendeds will be published in a new anthology (optional.) Entry is free. Judge Zadie Smith.


Ossian said...

Thanks for the plug. There are no limitations on the type of short story, by the way, they don't have to be irreverent, though what reverent ones might be like, I'm not sure. For rules, address and entry form, please see New Short Stories (the anthology/sister site). At least one in every ten is disqualified for not reading the rules carefully. Cheers.

Emerging Writer said...

The deadline is 21st December 2007