Wednesday 27 April 2011

Write A Short Story In A Weekend

Faber Academy's most popular course.

When: Friday 1st –Sunday 3rd July
(So you have to take a day off work, if you work)
Who: Eilis Ni Dhuibhne, Tobias Hill and Carlo Gebler
Where: James Joyce Centre, Dublin
Course cost: €425

Here's Eilis Ni Dhuibhne:

"You know that the short story is a great fictional form, and writers are always taking time out to tell you it's harder to write than a novel. But the short story has a great advantage over the novel, which is: it's short. It can be read in one sitting and it can also be written, or drafted in one sitting – even if some writers rewrite it fifty times.

This intensive three-day course will give you an overview of the history of the short story form, from Gogol's Overcoat to Roddy Doyle's Pram, from Chekhov's Lapdog to Alice Munro's Nettles. It will introduce you to various short story writing techniques, comparing the modernist epiphany story to the older surprise ending story, which is enjoying a bit of a come-back.

The course will involve some preparatory reading, plenty of class discussion, and lots of writing. By the end of the three days you will have written a completely new short story of 2000-3000 words, and you will be so immersed in the short story form that you will go home longing to write more.

Previous experience is not necessary but it is not a disadvantage.

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Padhraig Nolan said...

Ouch! Pricey though.

Emerging Writer said...

Ouch. You're right. I've added the cost to the post.