Monday, 12 November 2012

Galway Review Call for submissions

From the lovely and generous Niamh Boyce's blog 

Galway Review are looking for submissions for their print anthology coming out in January 2013. This printed and bound work will be the  first print venture for The Galway Review - 

They say:

To submit simply send poemsreviewsshort stories, or journals with ‘Anthology Submission’ in the subject field. Please send your writings within the body of the email and attach the photographs as jpegs. We can’t wait to see your work! Please keep your submissions clear and sharp. 

Remember  that:
  • readers who lack your particular background, may need a simple and clear context;
  • the writings ought to make sense to readers anywhere in the world, not just to your own self.
So no dense writing that makes the reader feel dense.

  Deadline December 1st 2012

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