Saturday, 8 December 2012

Strokestown International Poetry Award

I have never got anywhere with this competition though I've sent them some of my very best stuff. I wonder are the submissions pre-selected? I'm not bitter. No. No.

The Strokestown International Poetry Award is awarded for a poem in English not exceeding 70 lines, has a first prize of €3000, a second prize of €1500 and a third prize of €1000.

The judges this year are Iggy McGovern and Michael Schmidt for English. for Duais Cholmcille, Caoimhín Mac Giolla Leith; and for the inaugural Percy French Prize for Comic Verse, Eleanor Tiernan

Deadline: January 25th 2013
For more information, click here.


Titus said...


I know that Michael Schmidt, but not well enough to put a word in.

Emerging Writer said...

Would he be open to bribes? Or blackmail (cheaper)

Titus said...

Blackmail it is then!

Emerging Writer said...

I knew you were good