Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Westmeath grants

Westmeath County Council Arts Grants 2013.

Westmeath County Council operate 3 arts grants schemes annually as detailed below.

Individual Artists Bursaries

This fund provides funding to individual professional artists based in Westmeath who earn a proportion of their annual income through their artistic endeavours. Westmeath County Council will offer bursaries, each year, in respect of the professional development of individual professional artists practicing in any of the artistic disciplines outlined in the County Arts plan.

Arts in Community Scheme

The Arts in Context Residency scheme provides specific project funding to artists to enable them to work with any school or community group for arts projects across disciplines. Funding issued by Westmeath County Council will go directly to pay the artists fees and the school or group must supply and materials required for the project. This scheme is to encourage meaningful collaboration between a selected group of individuals and an artist working on a particular project over a particular duration of time and to allow the group an opportunity to engage with an artist directly on a specific project. This scheme gives employment to an artist working with a group over a given period and it allows the group to gain specific skills and expertise in the area of the arts.

Arts Act Grants

Westmeath County Council offers grant aid to community, voluntary or amateur arts groups or organisations, which will stimulate public interest in the arts, promote the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts or assist in improving the standards of the arts. In this Act the arts are defined as painting, sculpture, architecture, music, film, drama, dance, literature, design in industry and the fine arts and applied arts generally.

Deadline 1st March 2013
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