Sunday, 5 May 2013

Links to some of my work available online

Saturday Woman Poet on Poethead blog has two of my poems here
Amsterdam Otto Recommend poem that won the Plough Prize reading here
Californian Fruit in Burning Bush online magazine here
The Happiest Sock and other poems are in this video from Ignite
Drinking Now poem read at The Festival of The Fires here
Reaching Agreement poem read on YouTube here
Reading some Science Poems at Ignite here
Those Days are Nothing Now on Barehands online magazine here
While It Lasted on here 
Two poems on And Other Poems here
What to Think About Instead at ofipress here
By Strawberry Beds from Poetry Bus 3 on Soundcloud here 
Painted Yellow Line from Poetry Bus 2 on Soundcloud here
Slow Poison is in Crannog 10 here-  Update: Actually this pdf doesn't get as far as my poem so you'll have to buy the book!
Developing Shadows is in Abridged 17 here
Appropriate Gift is in Abridged 23 here

Short Story
Saturday's Kiss on This Reading Life blog here

Non Fiction
Berlin Wall from RTE Radio Sunday Miscellany here


Titus said...

Eek! That's going to take me a week.

Emerging Writer said...

But what a week!
If there are any poems anyone want to suggest I put on soundcloud, let me know

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh lush! Lots to lose myself in here, thanks for the links - great list of credits.

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks Rachel. Let me know what you think. Anything missing?

Rachel Fenton said...

PB soundcloud's not working for me. And your poem, though listed, is not shown in the Crannog excerpt. But all other links are working and it's wonderful to hear you reading your poems, Kate - beautiful work!