Monday, 1 July 2013

Writers Week at the Molly Keane House

There's a week long workshop planned in the Molly Keane house in Ardmore, Co Waterford in August 19 - 25th 2013, with the writer Lani O'Hanlon and special guest the poet Mark Roper on Saturday 24th August.

Cost €275 
Residential options also available.
Generously, there are two non-residential bursaries are available.

Tuesday-Friday mornings 10.00-1.00
Creative Writing Practice and Process with Writer: Lani O’ Hanlon
Creative Writing is a subtle dance between the unconscious and the conscious, the inner and outer world. In these workshops we will shape new work drawing from the landscape around us and the sensual landscape of memory. Together, as a community of writers, we will create a safe and intimate space where new work can be shared and where you can sink below busy thoughts and chatter to uncover and deepen your relationship with your authentic, creative voice.
There will also be time in the afternoons to discuss your creative process.
Then there's a fascinating sounding day with poet, Mark Roper about control and surprise.
 'Losing Control Of The Poem'
It’s often said that in the best writing there is always an element of surprise – a sense that the author, in the process of writing, has been surprised by the direction the writing has taken. Conversely, if it might seem that an author knows all too well exactly where s/he is going, from the start, the writing might well feel a bit lifeless.

How do we allow ourselves to be surprised in our writing?

This Workshop, through various games, exercises and discussion, aims to surprise you! It will use poems and poetry for examples, but it will be relevant to all forms of writing. The Workshop will take place in the morning, and it will be followed by discussion of individual pieces, by participants and the workshop leader.

Each participant should bring a piece of work to be discussed.

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