Friday, 9 August 2013

Quilt a Poem - Baileborough Festival Poetry Competition

Baileborough have a competition for their first poetry festival on the weekend of 4th and 5th October this year.

The LitLab group of writers are hosting a weekend of readings, workshops, a poetry competition and launch of a new anthology of the group’s work. Visiting poets will include; Nessa O’Mahony, Barbara Smith, Heather Brett, Rebecca O Connor and Noel Monahan. The venues will include the town library in the old Market Square, Bia restaurant and the Wesleyan Church. In conjunction with the poetry festival there will be a quilt exhibition hanging in the arts space of the library.

Go to the Cara Poetry Competition website here and take a look at the quilts then write (or adapt) a poem inspired by one of them.
  1.  Poems must be about, or inspired by, any of the quilts exhibited on the page.
  2. Deadline Friday 13th September.
  3. First prize of €250 for winning poem
  4. All shortlisted poems will be featured at a reading at Bailieborough Poetry Festival on Saturday 5th October 2013, and authors will be invited to attend.
  5. Each poem must not exceed 50 lines, and should be typed, single-spaced. Please identify the quilt to which each poem relates.
  6. Up to three poems may be submitted per entry.
  7. Fee €5 per entry (3 poems)


Michael Farry said...

Thanks for that! I'm the judge for that competition. Looking forward to some great poems to agonize over.

Emerging Writer said...

Agonise? No. Is it anonymous?