Monday, 20 March 2017

Call for Audio Poems

Poetry Day Ireland is on Thursday 27 April this year, with the theme of ‘Poetry Connects’. Spearheaded by Poetry Ireland, they are inviting everyone to join-in, link-up, and connect through the power of poetry.

To mark the occasion, Lagan Online is teaming up with Poetry NI, seeking your audio poems to feature on our special ‘Mix Tape’, which will be made available to download for free on the day. We will be selecting the best tracks to showcase, so get recording and send us your work!

On this year’s theme, Poetry Ireland website says: “Words matter: they can build bridges or burn them down. Poetry’s ‘delicate dance between the said and the unsaid’ (Ruth Padel) has the power to connect friends, lovers and family. It has the power to help us look inward and understand ourselves, and the power to transport us across borders and through frontiers. It connects us with our memories and springboards us to our future. We need the power of words now more than ever.”

Submission Guidelines:

Submission are open to anyone currently living in, or originally from, the island of Ireland.
All sound files must be in MP3, MP4 or WAV format.
Please submit each poem as a separate file, up to a maximum of three poems.
Poems may have musical accompaniment or backing tracks, but please make sure the poem is clearly audible.
Each poem must be no more that four minutes in duration.
Previously published poems are acceptable, as long as you have retained the copyright.

Deadline: Monday 10th April.

Please find your poems as attachments along with a brief biog (third person, 75 words max) to

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