Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lumen/Camden Poetry Competition 2013-14

Here's one to win a chapbook publication and all proceeds to two London Homeless Cold Weather Shelters
Closing date 14 February 2014.        
  • Judge: Andrew Motion.
  • Poems up to 40 lines.
  • Single poems £2.50, 6 poems £10.
  • Poetry must not be previously published.
  • 50 free copies plus a reading.
How to submit
Enter by Post and by Cheque:
  • Make your cheque out to 'Caris Camden', and send it with the poem to Ruth O’Callaghan at: 49 Ripley Gardens, Mortlake London, SW14 8HF.
  • Include a separate sheet with your name, contact details, and the titles of your poems.
  • DO NOT put your personal details on the poems themselves.
Enter Online with PayPal:
  • Pay by clicking buttons below
  • Then either post your poems to Ruth (see address above) and include the PayPal transaction code and your PayPal account email address on a separate page along with the titles of your poems
  • or send the poems in the body of an email with your contact details and the Pay Pal transaction code at the top of the email to Adele at:
Link here

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