Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Stinging Fly Submissions

The Stinging Fly are accepting submissions during the month of February 2015.

Submissions received will be considered for the Winter 2015/16 issue, to be published in October 2015.

They are taking short stories as usual but Poetry submissions for this round will be read by guest poetry editor, Billy Ramsell.

Personally I'm quite a fan of Billy Ramsell's poetry. I read his collection The Architect’s Dream of Winter (Dedalus, 2013), and there were some knock out poems on a wide range of subjects not normally used for poetic interrogation. Recommended to buy at Dedalus site.

Billy was awarded Ireland Chair of Poetry Bursary in 2013

Go to this link to read Billy's statement on what he looks for in a submission.

Certainly an anecdote chopped into lines won't make the cut. If the poem works as prose, it may not be a poem. You have a plethora or magically poetic devices and language playmates. Use them. Have a look at your own poems and see if you can spot some you've written like this. I have a few.

  • Review, 
  • Read Aloud, 
  • Be Ruthless, 
  • Rewrite! 
  • You can always Recycle at a later date.
Deadline: 28th February 2015

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