Thursday, 1 June 2017

Heinrich Böll Residency on Achill Island

The Heinrich Böll cottage in Dugort, Achill has been in use as a residency for artists and writers since 1992.

The Residency at the Böll Cottage is designed to achieve the following;
– To provide a secluded and private environment for writers and Artists to do their work, a space where artists can be away from their usual environment and routine, in a place conducive to their needs, and to producing high quality work.
– To provide access for the resident island community to high quality, professional standard, cultural and artistic events. This is achieved through readings and exhibitions – visits to local schools etc, organised in a manner which does not distract the resident artist from their main creative work, while at the cottage.
– To build on the existing tradition and reputation of Achill island as an area of interest to writers and artists. The residency attracts interest from professional artists from an international base – hence focusing on the island as an area of cultural and artistic interest.

– To have an appropriate memorial to Heinrich Böll on Achill island. The residency, by providing support for artists, is a living, growing and creative way to celebrate the work and achievement of Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll. This project, in memory of Heinrich Böll, makes available a real tangible support structure for creative artists, and is therefore a most appropriate memorial to this important writer.

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Deadline: 30th September

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