Tuesday, 8 May 2018

iota submission call

In the next issue, IOTA will explore work and play. 

Send your take on this theme. Be as oblique as you like (and they like oblique...) 

They are looking for short stories, poems, life writing, memoir, travel writing, food writing and more. These forms can be combined, played with, deconstructed and all can be completely fictive - they only ask that your writing is bold and original. To quote Emily Dickinson, "tell us all the truth, but tell it slant."

Features and essays - Email us your work

Stories - Email your short stories to us we’ll read and respond to submissions as they come in 

Poems - Email up to four poems

We will read all submissions and get back with our decisions within four weeks. Please send your work to: info@iotamagazine.co.uk

  • Fiction/non-fiction submissions may range between 500 and 2000 words 

  • Poems - we will consider submissions of up to four poems 

  • We can’t accept work that has previously been published in print or online

  • Please include your full contact details on a separate cover sheet with each submission

  • The closing date for submissions is July 1st 2018

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